What Is Utility-Scale Solar? An Overview

Answers to the question“what is utility-scale solar?” vary greatly within the solar project development industry. While there is no set definition for the term, most, if not all, utility-scale solar projects share common characteristics.  What is Utility-Scale Solar Power? The primary defining characteristic of utility-scale solar is that... Read more »

Public Notice Crystal Hill Solar Facility

PUBLIC NOTICE CRYSTAL HILL SOLAR FACILITY A solar renewable energy project is proposed to be located on approximately 631 acres at 2235 Crystal Hill Rd, Crystal Hill, VA 24539.  The project has been approved by the Halifax County Board of Supervisors under a Conditional Use Permit.  The proposed... Read more »

What Is A REC & How Do They Work?

How Do Renewable Energy Certificates Work? When renewable energy is produced, it goes into the local power grid and becomes indistinguishable from energy generated by other non-renewable sources. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) were created to help energy buyers distinguish between renewable and non-renewable energy sources, by accounting... Read more »

ITC Step Down: Understanding Solar Federal Tax Credits

The Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar energy is one of the most important federal policy initiatives to support the growth of renewable energy in the US. The ITC currently allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system, which has... Read more »

Sustainability Marketing: Promoting Your Renewable Energy Purchase

As concern for the environment grows, both consumers and stakeholders are pushing companies towards developing long-term sustainability goals. Organizations looking for innovative, economic, and impactful ways to meet major sustainability commitments has led to a rapid increase in corporate renewable energy procurement. But how can organizations... Read more »

The Growth of Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement

More and more companies around the world are voluntarily and actively procuring renewable energy through power purchase agreements. This trend is set to continue in the coming decade, as companies will need to continue to purchase significant amounts of renewable energy to achieve their often ambitious... Read more »

Urban Grid announces NextEnergy Capital’s acquisition of approximately 46MWp of solar projects in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va., April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Urban Grid, a leading developer of solar projects throughout the United States, is pleased to announce that NextEnergy Capital through their fund NextPower III, has acquired two of our solar development projects, totaling approximately 46MWp/34MWac, in Henrico County and Westmoreland County, VA. The two solar projects, Briel... Read more »

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