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Local Economic Development

We like to say “all solar development is local” because although we have projects throughout the United States, each and every one makes a real difference in the lives of your constituents. Renewable energy projects bring benefits to communities beyond the local generation of clean, affordable energy. Over the span of their 35+ year operational life, solar and storage projects bring jobs and tax revenue which can significantly improve a county budget and the livelihood of the people it’s designed to support.

Growing a 21st Century Workforce

We’re proud to partner with 20 organizations in our home state of Virginia on progressive workforce development initiatives through SHINE, a public-private partnership dedicated to building innovative solar career pathways. SHINE, which stands for the Solar Hands-On Instructional Network of Excellence, is aligned with the anticipated growth of the solar market in Virginia.

Learn about our work with SHINE

How we partner with elected officials

Does this interest you?

Urban Grid is currently in the process of developing and permitting hundreds of projects in a dozen (or more) states. If you would like to discuss a project in your locality, please share your information and let us know how we can be of assistance.

Frank Langley, Sr. Accountant

"I love to travel and and see the world and am struck by the global impact renewable energy can have and feel proud to be part of it."
Frank Langley, Sr. Accountant