Foxglove Solar in Frederick County Virginia

Foxglove Solar is world-class, 75 MWAC clean power facility now under construction in Frederick County in partnership with Woodbine Farms. The facility is planned to begin operations in late 2024. Foxglove Solar will provide economic and energy value to the people of Frederick County for decades into the future.

Soapstone Solar in Clarke County Virginia

Soapstone is a proposed renewable energy-agriculture alliance preserving farming and energy independence in Clarke County, Virginia.

The project is situated on Audley Farm, a strong community partner that is striving to become a financially sustainable operation while remaining part of the region’s bucolic landscape.

Morgnec Solar in Kent County Maryland

Morgnec Solar enables the development of a new domestic, clean energy source produced locally on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The project poses no impact on wetlands, cultural resources or threatened and endangered species and will yield significant Real Property Tax revenue for Kent County over its lifetime.

Monarch Solar in Brunswick County Virginia

Monarch Solar* is sited on a remote parcel of land with existing natural buffers. No prime farmland will be used and the design of the project incorporates wildlife corridors throughout, encouraging the natural habitat to thrive when construction is completed. The solar facility will be located in Brunswick County and interconnected to an existing Dominion transmission line in Greensville County.

Monarch Solar is pending permitting and approvals.

Crystal HIll Solar Underway in Halifax Virginia

Crystal Hill Solar is a state-of-the-art, 65 MW solar facility currently under construction in Halifax County, Virginia along Crystal Hill Road. The project is owned by Urban Grid, an independent power producer that originated and developed the project. Urban Grid will own and operate the facility.