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Spring Grove Solar in Surry County, Virginia

A Positive Impact

for Surry County, Virginia

Spring Grove II Solar will pay millions of dollars in tax revenues over its lifetime. These dollars could be used for county improvements such expansion of broadband internet, investment in area schools and other community services–all while providing clean, locally sourced solar energy to Virginia.

Estimated Tax Revenues

  • Will yield millions of dollars in Real Property Tax revenue for Surry County.

Long-Term Economic Lift

Spring Grove II Solar will generate power for 35 years and that means long-term benefit for the surrounding region.
  • Annual Machinery & Tools Tax payments to the county for the life of the project.
  • Increase in assessed real estate taxes of up to 6x existing assessed value.
  • No county infrastructure or public services required for solar development.
  • Local and regional construction jobs.

Environmental Impact

  • Use is long-term, but temporary, and land can be reclaimed for timberland.
  • No daily traffic from operations.
  • Sheep grazing will be utilized to maintain vegetation and improve soil conditions throughout the lifetime of the facility.
  • Annually powers 24,611 homes while offsetting 143,480 tons of CO2*
  *Source: Emissions reductions based on EIA state level data for fossil fuel generation replacement. Project emissions are included for entire life cycle based on NREL Harmonization studies as well as foregone forest sequestration per EPA equivalency analysis.