Spring Grove Solar II, LLC: Permit By Rule

Small Renewable Energy Project (Solar)

Spring Grove Solar II


The Spring Grove Solar II project (“Project”) is a 150 MW solar facility proposed by Spring Grove Solar II, LLC. The Project is located east of Spring Grove, Virginia, and spans Route 10, and is generally bound by Hollybush Rd (Route 618) and Swanns Point Road (Route 610) in Surry County. It is located on approximately 1,650 acres of multiple parcels. The portion of the Project north of Route 10 has been known as “Spring Grove Solar” while the portion of the Project south of Route 10 has been known as “Spring Grove III”. As the areas are under common ownership and will have one interconnection agreement, are collectively referred to as Spring Grove Solar II.

The land has historically been utilized for silvicultural purposes and is proposed for development as a solar farm. The Project will utilize traditional photovoltaic solar modules to produce electricity which will interconnect through the utility infrastructure of Virginia Electric and Power Company. The proposed solar facility is comprised of solar panels that are attached to a single-axis tracking system. The solar facility has been designed to minimize land disturbance to the extent possible.

This application narrative and associated attachments included within comprise the Permit by Rule (“PBR”) application materials. This information is being submitted pursuant to 9 VAC15-60 in order to obtain authorization from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) for the construction of the proposed solar facility in accordance with the Solar PBR processing guidelines. Through the subsequent studies/surveys submitted and an analysis of these requirements, we believe the Project will be found to meet the standards and requirements of the PBR regulations.

For more information, download the full executive summary and application attachments below.

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